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Taking you to new heights!


Muskoka Wake is excited to enter its third year offering Flyboarding services!  Flyboarding is the newest and coolest craze in the world of watersports. Powered by a Jet Ski that is carefully operated by one of our instructors, it functions with Jet Board attached to the rider’s feet, sending them in the air.


This must-try watersport is easier than expected and fun for the whole family!

While our other activities can be booked together on Dockside Cottage Clinics and private lessons, flyboarding bookings are separate at its own price of $200/hour (minimum booking 2 hours) as it does not require a boat - just the JetSki!

We'll bring our Flyboard setup right to your dock and get the whole crew airborne!  Contact us today and let Muskoka Wake take you to new heights!




The FX Cruiser HO offers a premium blend of luxury and technology, a reliable 1.8-litre High Output Yamaha marine engine, and RiDETM by Yamaha. Redesigned from the ground up for 2021, this machine offers an unmatched driving experience along with all the features and amenities you need for all-day cruising comfort.

It is for all these reason that Muskoka Wake chooses the Yamaha FX Cruiser HO WaveRunner as the machine of choice when lifting our students 80+ feet above the water on our Zapata Racing Pro Series Flyboard setup.

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